Tuesday 23 October 2018

About Us

The old abbey and priory of Sant’Egidio, having reaching the end of its life as a Benedictine monastery, was handed over to the Bishops of Bergamo as the parish of Sant’Egidio in the town of Fontanella. In the last century the pastoral care of Fontanella’s churchgoers was entrusted to the parish of Botta in nearby Sotto il Monte. Nevertheless, the bishops of Bergamo have always paid particular attention to the centuries-old church in Fontanella, cared for and maintained with profound affection by the local people. It wasn’t simply by chance that right here, in the 1960’s, Bishop Clemente Gaddi welcomed Father David Maria Turoldo when he was repudiated from Milan.In 1998, in preparation for the Great Jubilee, a number of important and accurate preservative restorations were carried out under the erudite guidance of the Milan Superintendency for Architectural Assets. It also led to the reclamation of several spaces within the cloister that are used as welcoming areas or spaces of prayer and worship. In the same year, Bishop Roberto Amadei  established the old Priory  in the Rectory with the intention of preserving the thousand-year-old calling to prayer and to the silence that characterises the church of Sant’Egidio. The Rectory and the people in charge there are dedicated to its upkeep and to ensuring that all those who visit Fontanella find a sanctuary of silence, prayer and spiritual repose.  During the day the church’s doors are always open.
Each Sunday at 10.30, all are welcome to join in with the common prayer in celebration of the Eucharist. Groups wishing to visit the church will find cosy, self-contained spaces for days of spirituality and moments of reflection.